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New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians
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Board and Committees

Officers, 2019-2020

Maria F. Ciminelli, MD

President Elect
Michael A. Cascarina, MD

Vice President
Kelly G. Ussery Kronhaus, MD

Sally Ann Mravcak, MD

Sara B. Leonard, MD

Executive Vice President
Raymond J. Saputelli, MBA, CAE

Board of Trustees

Board Chair
Lauren Carruth Mehnert, MD

Kevin James Berg, MD 2022
Sean Cook, MD 2022
Vikram Gupta, MD 2021
Donna M. Kaminski, DO, MPH 2020
Kenneth Kronhaus, MD 2021
Karen Wei-Ru Lin, MD 2021
Anthony G. Miccio, MD 2020
John J. Nevins, DO 2022
Jeffrey S. Rosenberg, MD 2020

New Physician Trustees
Alisa Reznikov, MD 2021
Maryana Tselniker, MD 2020

Resident Trustees
Shalena Islam, MD 2021
Thomas Wall, MD 2020

Student Trustees
Michael Enich 2020
Nupur Gulati 2020

Voting Past Presidents
Kenneth W. Faistl, MD 2020
Joseph W. Schauer, III, MD 2020

AAFP Delegates
Mary F. Campagnolo, MD, MBA 2021
Arnold I. Pallay, MD 2020

AAFP Alternates
Salvatore Bernardo, Jr., MD 2021
Terry E. Shlimbaum, MD 2020

NJAFP Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee is comprised of volunteer member family physicians, NJAFP Executive Vice President Ray Saputelli, MBA, CAE, and Government Affairs Counsel Claudine Leone.  The Committee oversees and directs NJAFP's state advocacy efforts in Trenton. NJAFP's mission and strategic plan guides the Government Affairs Committee when determining positions on legislation and regulatory proposals. For any questions about the Government Affairs Committee or if you are interested in joining the committee, please contact Claudine Leone at

Education Committee

The Education Committee oversees the development of content for NJAFP's educational offerings.  For more information contact Theresa J. Barrett, PhD, CMP, CAE at

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