The mission of the NJAFP is to advance the specialty of Family Medicine through education and advocacy for the benefit of the public at large and our membership. NJAFP will transform the primary care practice environment such that family medicine is the specialty of choice in New Jersey, ensuring an adequate supply of family physicians to care for the citizens of our state.


With nearly 2000 members, the NJAFP is the largest primary care medical society in the state and a chapter of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

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NJAFP's Healthcare Transformation Team are experts in quality improvement science, including experienced field staff with practice-based backgrounds.

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NJAFP offers a wide variety of CME, and has received its accreditation with commendation as a provider of CME by the ACCME. Browse our course catalog and services.

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Learn more about Family Physicians and the Specialty of Family Practice. Use the NJAFP DocFinder tool to find a Member Family Physician in your community.

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Tracy Brobyn, MD had been practicing family medicine for more than two decades when she could no longer ignore the clinical elephant in the room. Like most family physicians, patients would come to her for a myriad of issues – many of which could be addressed with traditional medicine. However, a host of conditions, such as chronic pain, fatigue, atypical neuropathy and insomnia, seemed to remain a mystery even after exhausting the usual treatments.

Kenneth Faistl, MD

Over the course of more than four decades in family medicine, Ken Faistl, MD set a goal for himself. “Fairly early on I developed the idea that I wanted to finish my career making sure no child was born to an opioid-addicted mother,” Dr. Faistl, who is board-certified in family medicine as well as geriatrics and addiction medicine, says. Difficult and impossible as the goal may have seemed, Dr. Faistl made it his priority to improve the lives of all patients, including those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

Michael Cascarina, MD

Like many family physicians, Dr. Cascarina treats patients of all ages – newborns to seniors – and has patients with two, three or even four generations of family members coming to the practice. The self-described “crazy happy guy” has built a thriving privately owned, three-physician practice in Brick that enables Dr. Cascarina to practice medicine the way he enjoys – treating patients in a caring environment while developing strong bonds.